Collagen Nourishing Activator


Item#: KCE09

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Contains pure collagen nutrients. Highly improves skin’s elasticity. Helps balance pH and soothes skin which hydrates, nourishes, and tones the epidermis skin layer.


Mix with our Facial Peel off Masks for a collagen facial boost!


Apply on entire face as necessary. Use with ultrasonic, galvanic or similar devices to penetrate product into skin (epidermis) layer. Let serum absorb in skin before applying moisturizer or make up.  For maximum results, use before applying a peel-off mask.

PRO TIP Can also be used with KEV.C elastic powder masks for an added collagen nutritious boost. Use 1 cap size in your mixture in addition to your water.

Aqua, Pectin, Petroleum Jelly, Triticum Vulgare, Apricot Kernel Oil, Soybean Powder, Coconut Oil

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