KEV.C SKIN CARE started within a family owned Beauty Supply store in New York City. We learned many Salon & Spas were being over charged for their product / services, preventing them to offer a wide range of services or the ability to jump-start their own business from ground up. Since 1998, KEV.C SKIN CARE have been around serving exclusively to Make up Artists, Beauty Professionals, Students, Spas, Salons and many more in the industry. To this day, we still operate with the same family-value and beliefs since we first started.

Our supply store have been around for over two decades with the goal to create a one-stop location offering competitive prices for Spa & Salons without jeopardizing their cost. By following this principle we instill this same belief in each of our product.

Due to huge demand and request over the years, we created a professional portal solely to cater to all our professional customers throughout the world to purchase our wide-range of products.

Salon Spa's interested in Bulk Purchases are encouraged to contact us for competitive price quotes for everything they may need to open up their dream spa.